Spring is the season of Kapha dosha which is composed of the elements of Earth and Water. Ayurveda says that “Kapha accumulated in winter is liquefied in the body by the heat of the Spring sun. This can affect the power of digestion and metabolism and result in a variety of complaints.” (Charaka Samhita)

When in excess or imbalanced Kapha is characterised by heaviness, lethargy, accumulated toxins, water retention and sluggishness. Think of what happens when water and earth mix, you get mud! Having too much Kapha is a bit like feeling ‘stuck in the mud’.

Ayurveda tells us that ‘like increases like’ so we need to incorporate those elements that are the opposite of Kapha – light, quick, mobile. As winter melts into Spring this is also the ideal time for us to melt away and eliminate accumulated toxins from our bodies and mind and embark on a ‘mind-body spring clean’.

We can do this in all aspects of our life through our choices in lifestyle, food, activity and spiritual practice. Below are some easy tips for you to include this Spring.

Spring Diet

Eating lots of fresh lightly cooked meals (not raw) that are easy to digest and favour bitter, astringent and pungent flavours such as ginger, pepper, basil, and bitter greens. Eat less of Kapha increasing foods such as dairy, cold foods and drinks, oily and fried foods and those high in sugar. Always allow for at least three to four hours between meals to allow each meal to digest completely. Sipping warm water during the day also helps our body to eliminate. A good way to help your body detox is by eating only kitchari, which is a simple rice and lentil meal, for 24 hours. Ayurvedic doctors prescribe kitchari before, during and after the Panchakarma detoxification treatment. Kitchari provides nourishment while allowing your body to eliminate and heal. Here’s the link to an easy recipe from Dr Vasant Lad:


Waking up with the sun before 6am is a good way to calibrate your body in line with nature’s rhythms and your body’s circadian rhythms. Kapha time runs from 6am to 10am and this is the perfect time to develop a morning cleansing self-care routine of tongue scraping and oil pulling. Using an invigorating and uplifting body scrub is especially helpful in reducing sluggish Kapha. Aika’s Kapha Body Polish used in your shower or bath will help eliminate toxins, increase circulation, clear the mind and energise the spirit for a new day ahead.

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Spiritual practice
Letting go and creating space for newness in our lives is a way to decrease excess Kapha. This is a good time to introspect on what is not working for you and what is holding you back and look at ways you can release this and move forwards. Decluttering your home and workplace is also a good way to increase energy into your physical space. By including a simple daily meditation practice while moving is an ideal way to keep your Prana (vital energy) circulating through your body and mind. Try this simple Pranayama walking exercise for 10 minutes each day to this simple rhythm:

4 – walk four steps and breathe deeply through your nose into your belly for four counts (one count per step)
2 – walk for two steps while holding your breath
4 – walk four steps and breathe out for four counts (one count per step)
2 – walk for two steps while holding your breath
Repeat this cycle for 10 minutes of your walk

Breathing to this rhythm while walking means you are only taking 5 full breaths per minute so you increase the oxygen into your cells and slow down your heart rate to create a feeling of mindful calm. Remember to walk slowly as the idea here is to be mindful in your breath rather than to exercise!


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Why Kapha Body Polish?

Kapha Body Polish stimulates and cleanses the lymphatic and circulatory systems, removing toxins, firming and toning the skin while increasing new cell formation. Your skin will be transformed with minerals and hydrating oils that revive even the driest of skins, banishing roughness and flakiness and optimising the flow of Prana (energy) throughout your body. Energising and detoxifying Ayurvedic herbal extracts of Tulsi, Arjuna, Eucalyptus and Dandelion are combined with Himalayan crystal salts, containing 84 minerals essential for your body. A synergistic blend of Lemongrass, Lime, Niaouli and Geranium essences will clarify and uplift your mind leaving you feeling refreshed and enlivened, basking in the divine aroma of true peaceful time for yourself.

Kapha Body Polish Ritual & tips

  • In the shower massage 2-3 teaspoons of the body polish in light circular motions onto damp skin paying attention to the dry and rough areas such as elbows and knees. Shower off.
  • In the bath, after massaging the Body Polish all over your body, sink into the warm water letting the soothing aromas melt away any tensions while you soak.
  • Ideal to use in the bath for after sport for relieving tired and aching muscles.
  • Great to use as a targeted anti-cellulite treatment. Simply massage firmly in circular movements over the affected area.
  • Drink plenty of water after you use the Body Polish to aid in flushing toxins out of your body.

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