Aika Wellness is a 100% certified organic, Ayurvedic skin care range created in the pristine Australian environment

What’s your Ayurvedic skin type?

What’s your Ayurvedic skin type?

  • VATA

    normal to dry skin


    normal to dry skin

    Vata skin is fine textured with small pores, tends to get dehydrated and dry, shows early signs of fine lines around the eyes and forehead and can have loss of tone and firmness.

    Aika’s Vata range products cares for your skin with intensely hydrating, nourishing and vitalising ingredients that promote elasticity, suppleness and brightness.

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    sensitive & combination skin


    sensitive & combination skin

    Pitta skin is a combination of dehydration with an oily T-zone, has pink tones, medium sized pores and is prone to sensitivity and can have breakouts and acne usually around the t-zone, cheeks and nose.

    Aika’s Pitta range products calms your skin with anti-inflammatory, cooling and hydrating ingredients for soothing, reducing sensitivity and minimising breakouts.

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    normal to oily skin


    normal to oily skin

    Kapha skin is smooth and well hydrated with larger pores around the nose and cheeks and is prone to becoming oily with lymph build up, blackheads and breakouts around the chin, lower cheeks and jawline.

    Aika Kapha range of products balances your skin with detoxifying, circulation boosting and energising ingredients that reduce congestion for a fresh, clear complexion.

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“I really enjoy using your products. I am not a very zen person but they really
do make me relax! I feel like I’m at a high end spa when I use them.”

Sophie Hanson

Soulful. Sensuous. Sustainable.

Extraordinarily pure skincare results without compromise

Mindful understanding underlies everything we do. Our philosophy is based on energy and balance, a deep respect for the timeless teaching of Ayurveda and the power of elemental energy.

Our approach is to see the whole person where skin, body and emotions are harmoniously balanced. To relax, to lose stress, to revitalise. To feel at one with yourself.

Aika skincare products are made from pure ingredients that do not compromise our environment or harm our bodies. That inspires us to love who we are with kindness and intent.

We believe your skin and body deserve only the best. Our sensuous and unique formulas are refreshingly different! You can see the vivid colours and textures of nature which are captured in our products. These luxurious and herb rich products contain the radiant life force of pure plant ingredients to bring this same vibrancy and glow to your skin, body and spirit.

Purity counts and we make no compromises. All Aika wellness products (not just some) are certified organic to one of the highest standards globally, Australian Certified Organic (ACO).

Being Certified Organic means taking a whole systems approach which ensures that there are strict standards to honour sustainability, fair trade, no enforced child labour, animal welfare and to treat the earth’s soil with care. These are standards that we will not compromise on.


“I don’t believe you should ever just settle because it’ the way things have been done – I believe you deserve the best”

Eranthi, founder of Aika Wellness

“It’s been a few weeks of using this organic skincare range and I’m in love. My
skin is healthy and vibrant… complexion perfection. Thank you Aika for blissful
morning and evening rituals that have helped my skin glow.”

Samantha Sargent

“Tri Dosha Radiance Elixir is the most expensive facial oil I have ever bought. It
is also the loveliest. It just feels so amazing on my face.”

Michelle Nyberg

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“At the heart of all Aika wellness treatments and products is the profound desire to touch,
heal and balance the body, mind and spirit. As it is said in the ancient science of
Ayurveda – outer wellness, inner wellness and lasting wellness.”

Eranthi, Founder Aika Wellness


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