So many beauty brands these days are ‘natural’ and ‘chemical free’.
But we want more than that for you. We want you to experience soulful luxury
and absolute purity. We’re lighting the way for true wellness.

Welcome to Aika.

The Aika Story

“Aika is an Ayurvedic spa and wellness range which goes beyond beauty. I want to create a synergy between sensuous skin and body care, restorative Ayurvedic principles, aromatherapy and energetic healing for people who seek true and complete wellness in their life. It’s 100% certified organic Ayurvedic-inspired
skincare for the luxe purist.”


Aika was born out of a deep desire to fuse Ayurvedic healing wisdom into the very heart of the luxury spa experience.

The practice of Ayurveda (‘the science of life’) is about wellbeing, balance and energy for the body, mind and soul.

Aika is the world’s first and only 100% certified organic Ayurvedicinspired skin, body and spa range for purists.

Aika is a haven of soulful luxury and absolute purity that is far more than a conventional beauty spa range.


Meet the Founder

“At the heart of all Aika treatments and products is the profound desire to touch, heal and balance the body, mind and spirit. As it is said in the ancient science of Ayurveda – outer wellness, inner wellness and lasting wellness.”

Hello, I’m Eranthi.

I’m the Creator and Founder of Aika, my Ayurvedic-inspired beauty and wellness brand for the luxe purist.

Why was I inspired to create my own beauty, wellness and skincare line?

After eight years climbing the corporate ladder with two kids under the age of three I felt I was missing something. I was searching for a way to live a more meaningful life. One where I would live wholeheartedly and achieve my purpose of inspiring people to feel truly good about themselves, in the most authentic way I could. I wanted to offer a sanctuary of calm and peace for other busy people, parents and corporates who were struggling with the pressures of a too busy life. To offer a place of escape and restoration where they would feel nurtured and cared for.

I left my corporate job and went on to set up and run two high-end Melbourne day spas. Over the nine years I ran my beautiful spas I became frustrated at the lack of certified organic, luxurious spa care that offered a wide selection of treatments which could be tailored for each individual’s specific needs. I loved nurturing my clients and knew what they wanted: they wanted pure, certified organic skincare products they could trust. Yet there was no certified organic luxurious spa range for professional use and none that combined the healing wisdom of Ayurvedic principles with organic certification.

Like my clients, I was sick of the myths the beauty industry feeds us about ‘anti-ageing’ properties and ‘chemical-free’ skincare that is supposed to be natural and pure but just does not stack up. I began to research the importance of certified organic skincare for women and discovered that over the course of an adult woman’s lifetime, we put over 2 million chemicals and ingredients on our skin – that’s a huge amount!

I began asking: how do these chemicals behave once they are inside the body? What harm do they cause? How
does our body eliminate or store these chemicals? As our skin absorbs over 60% of what we put on it, we really
need to make sure the things we put on our faces and bodies aren’t harmful to our skin or our overall health.

I wanted a luxurious product line that was safe enough for my children and safe enough to eat, one that offered true wellness beyond beauty.

I don’t believe you should ever just settle because it’s the way things have been done – I believe you deserve the best.

So, after twelve years of sustained research, luxury spa experience and real client feedback, I bring you Aika. The world’s first certified organic Ayurvedic inspired spa products and wellness rituals for luxe purists who want to live a soulful life. 


Why Ayurveda?

I spent my early childhood years growing up in Sri Lanka. I remember with great love how my grandmothers would massage my sister and me head to toe with herbal oils to strengthen our bodies, beautify our skin and add lustre to our hair. When we were sick, they plied us with herbal concoctions. We hated it at the time due to their strong and pungent flavour!

One day when I was massaging my own children, it hit me: I was subconsciously following a centuries’ old tradition of wholeness and wellbeing.

I began to see how Aika would unfold.

I envisioned a wellness brand that blended modern science, lifestyle wisdom and ancient Ayurvedic principles into the heart of the spa experience. I wanted to create products that contributed to people’s overall health, wellbeing and peace of mind.

The Ayurvedic lifestyle is at once practical and spiritual with time tested principles.This Ayurvedic approach to health, beauty and wellness is fundamental to the way I craft Aika.

What sets Aika apart from other high-end beauty brands?

Aika is created mindfully with purpose. It is conscious skincare.

I created Aika in line with Aika’s Wellness Trinity of Purify, Restore and Protect. Each of these ‘pillars of Aika’ has a very specific intention and outcome and is the foundation of how I create each product.

I draw inspiration from the fundamental Ayurvedic concept of Dinacharya, our daily rituals for whole wellness, based on the rhythms of how our bodies align with nature. Each ingredient and product is then developed in line with the notion of Rasayana – the pathway and essence of what rejuvenates us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way, beyond just skin.

I believe this makes Aika truly unique and unlike any other spa or beauty brand out there.

In addition to this, I have found it frustrating that so many beauty and spa brands in the market only pay lip service to health and wellness while containing highly synthetic and toxic ingredients. I believe it’s misleading and unethical to say that a product range is beneficial, natural and organic when in fact it is exactly the opposite.

I find the term ‘anti-ageing’ deeply insulting and disrespectful as it implies that ageing is somehow wrong and to be prevented and reversed at all costs. It does not pay due homage to all our stages of life and the love and wisdom of our elders both in our family and in our communities. You will never hear the words anti-ageing used by Aika.

I felt a responsibility to create alternative beauty and spa products made from pure ingredients that do not compromise our environment or harm our bodies. That inspires us to love who we are in a mindful and conscious way. Aika is committed to absolute purity, ethical transparency and providing a wide selection of customisable beauty products with beautiful shelf presence and design. Aika is 100% certified organic from ‘seed to skin’.

Who are our products for?

Aika offers a complete repertoire of sensuous and sustainable skin and body products for refined individuals and high-end resorts, wellness retreats, hotels and urban day spas.

Our unique products and mindful rituals are for women and spa partners seeking a signature skincare range that offers true purity, integrity and sanctity without compromising on quality, safety of ingredients or results.

What is my vision for Aika?

I want to inspire women to feel truly good about themselves. To embrace and celebrate our intrinsic beauty in all its glorious diversity with kindness to ourselves and to each other. To live healthier, more fulfilled lives through buying and living more consciously. I want them to question what they put on their skin and make informed decisions about their health and their beauty needs, without compromise.

I want to empower spas and wellness retreats to be able to offer truly luxurious, safe and sustainable products and treatment to their clientele.

My vision for Aika is to light the way for true wellness to heal the world.

The Aika Promise

The name Aika is taken from of the names of my two
children, Aiden and Karma. It encapsulates the purity
and perfection of the child and childlike state of being.

I would never compromise on what I offer my precious
children nor will Aika ever compromise on what we offer
to you. This is my promise.

With Light and Love,