Aika is committed to creating 100% certified organic, Ayurvedic-inspired beauty
and wellness products for the luxe purist.

We want you to achieve a lifestyle of true wellness.

Because we know that you are looking for a beauty solution that’s pure, sustainable and luxurious. A wellness range inspired by ancient rituals and infused with modern sensibilities.

We understand that you want a product you can trust, one that goes beyond beauty.

You want extraordinary results without compromise. You want to achieve exquisite inner and outer
wellness. You want to tread a light and considered footprint on our intrinsically beautiful planet

We want that for you too. So here’s Aika’s commitment to you:

The Aika Experience

The Aika experience is one of soulful luxury. Elemental beauty. Timeless elegance. Absolute purity.

We tailor our products to the unique rhythms of your body and the powerful universal energy around you. Each product will feature morning and night rituals to match your dosha and skin type, accompanied by healing affirmations.

100% Organic Certification

Aika is certified through Australian Certified Organic (ACO), which is one of the highest standards of organic certification in the world. Our dedication to achieve this stringent certification is our commitment to the absolute purity of our products, to you and your health and our planet.

Organic farming ensures that there are strict standards to honour sustainability, fair trade, no enforced child labour, animal welfare and to treat the earth’s soil with care. We avoid all chemical poisons, pesticides and herbicides that are toxic to humans, the earth and the ocean.

“Organics is not just “chemical free”. It is a whole systems approach or holistic means of growing and handling food. The whole system is linked – Soil. Plants. Animals. Food. People. Environment.”


You can visit the ACO site to find out more about organic certification here:

The Purest Ingredients

We believe your skin and body deserve only the best. That’s why purity is essential to us and we source only the very best certified organic ingredients from around the world. All Aika ingredients are intentionally chosen based on Ayurvedic principles to nourish, rejuvenate and bring radiance to your skin, body and mind.

We harness the bounty of cold pressed virgin plant oils and butters, Ayurvedic medicinal grade extracts, naturopathic grade herbs and therapeutic plant essences. These luscious, healing ingredients are potent skin ‘Rasayanas’ (rasa – essence, ayana – enter). They deliver powerful and sustained holistic benefits to your skin and body.

A Sustainable Approach

All Aika products are handcrafted with pure passion using ethical, sustainable ingredients in accordance with our belief in Ahimsa (Sanskrit word for ‘no harm to living things’). They’re soothing. Conscious. Wild crafted. Sustainable, Safe. Nourishing for your skin. Kind to the earth.

Our products are housed in beautiful biophotonic deep violet Swiss glass. This glass maintains the vibrational energy of all Aika products and is fully recyclable. All our labels and print material are biodegradable and printed with
vegetable inks. We don’t use boxes as we want to minimise the impact of deforestation and energy that goes into making what is essentially a disposable item.

Radiant Formulations

Our sensuous formulas capture the radiant life force of our pure plant ingredients. Aika’s unique products are:

Intentionally created: All our products are created around our Wellness Trinity and each has a specific intention to Purify, Restore and Rejuvenate. Each product is purposefully tailored for your dosha’s individual needs and the time of day, Arise or Retreat ritual, for when you use it. Delivering immediate benefits in addition to radiant skin, Aika products work together in perfect synergy to support your body, mind and spirit.

Free of water except for organic hydrosols: Water is often the largest single ingredient in cosmetic products, with many containing as much as 80% water and only 5 or 6% active ingredients. Micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungus thrive in a watery environment which is why most skincare products containing water also add preservatives. None of these added and synthetic ingredients actually help your skin’s health; in fact, they create extra stress on our body and metabolism. Around 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed by the body. Our body then has to get rid of the toxins or ‘Ama’. This can add to the early ageing process. This is why Aika products have no added water and are completely free of synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers and fillers.

Extremely concentrated: We only use raw, pure and unprocessed ingredients provided by nature. With Aika what you get is a 100% active, concentrated product that offers you incredible value and lasts more than four times longer than a conventional product of the same size.

Freshly activated for each use: We activate our products in several ways – by adding water, warming, shaking and massaging. This ensures that the living potency and energy of each ingredient is available fresh for your skin, body and mind.

Boutique Manufacturing

We lovingly handcraft Aika in micro batches in our own specially certified organic studio, affectionately called ‘The Lighthouse’. We are happily obsessive about how our products are created – freshly hand blended, hand filled and hand labelled. Every batch is unique. We do not use contract manufacturing or outsource our production. By overseeing every aspect of manufacture without any shortcuts or compromise, we can truly create the high-quality, luxury beauty products with the absolute purity you deserve.

100% Happiness Guarantee

We want you to be completely happy with your Aika products. In line with this we offer a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee. We take great pride in creating the highest quality products and are confidant you will love them. We also understand that every skin and body is different and should you not be satisfied with your product we will happily provide a full refund or credit.