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So many beauty brands these days are ‘natural’ and ‘chemical free’.
But we want more than that for you. We want you to experience soulful luxury
and absolute purity. We’re lighting the way for true wellness.

Welcome to Aika.

We take great pride in creating the highest quality products and are confidant you will love them. We want you to be completely happy with your Aika products. We also understand that every skin and body is different and should you not be 100% satisfied with your product we will happily provide a replacement product or full refund or credit to be used on another product. Please see our Shipping and Returns section for more information.

Welcome, we’re so glad you’ve found us! To begin we suggest you take the Dosha Quiz first to get a good understanding of your predominant Dosha and the specific products that are best suited for you. Take the Dosha Quiz here. Link to Dosha Quiz

The best way to experience Aika is through our Arise and Retreat Rituals. These rituals have been developed specifically to support you during the phases of the day and night when your skin and body have different needs. You can read more about these soulful rituals and watch them here. Link to Rituals Page.

Absolutely! While the products are designed to work as a ‘team’ with an overall synergistic effect they also work incredibly well on their own. Once you start using one you’re sure to want to try them all!

Yes you can! We recommend you review your needs based on the changes in your lifestyle. As the seasons change, when your environment changes such as through travel, and as your emotional needs change from time to time swapping your individual Dosha recommended products with those from another range can be extremely beneficial. Here are some Dosha specific recommendations.


  • During Vata Season – the Vata Dosha range has been created for warming, nourishing, deeply hydrating and regeneration. It is ideal for use during the Vata Season which spans late Autumn into mid-Winter when skin can get drier, flakier, brittle and chapped. Using the intensely emollient Vata Balm will provide instant comfort and nourishment to dry skin.
  • During Travel – Using Vata products when you travel at high altitudes is wonderfully grounding as the elements of Space and Air that makes up Vata is at play here. Using the Vata Tonic will keep your skin deeply hydrated mid-flight. On landing, taking a bath with the Vata Body Polish will help you feel grounded and connected back to the Earth element.
  • During Times of Anxiety and Change – The Vata range has been specifically designed to help you feel emotionally grounded, safe and stable. It supports you during times of anxiety and nervousness, when you may feel overwhelmed and spacey. Massaging Vata Body Anoint slowly and mindfully after a bath of shower will help give you a feeling of stability.


  • During Pitta Season – the Pitta Dosha range has been created for cooling, calming, soothing and pacifying. Pitta Season runs from late Spring, through Summer and into early Autumn. The Pitta products are ideal for use during those warm months when the element of Fire is at play, or if you live or are travelling in a hot and dry climate. The Pitta Tonic is particularly refreshing kept in the fridge for misting over your face and body on hot days.
  • For Sensitised Skin – For times when your skin is feeling sensitized, inflamed, itchy, irritated or is flaring up with bouts of acne (usually around the cheeks), we recommend you switch to the Pitta Dosha products. These products are also ideal after sun exposure to soothe sunburn and reduce redness and pigmentation. For a soothing and cooling instant anti-redness mask treatment apply the Pitta Deep Cleanser generously over you face and neck and rest for half an hour. For reducing pigmentation and blemishes blend the Pitta Polish with milk and leave to dry on your face and neck for 15 minutes before gently exfoliating it off.
  • During Times of Emotional Upheaval and Stress – If you are going through a stressful time in your life, feeling emotional or triggered into irritability then Pitta Dosha products will help keep your emotions calm and dissipate anger. Massage some Pitta elixir on your temples while breathing slowly and calmly and follow with a cooling spray of Pitta Tonic. At night time using the Pitta Ayuressence will instantly help you feel calm and peaceful prior to bed.


  • During Kapha Season – the Kapha Dosha range has been designed to invigorate, detoxify, enliven and energise. Kapha Season extends from mid-Winter through early Spring. The detoxifying and energising qualities of the Kapha range is ideal for this cold and wet period when you are feeling sluggish and need the energy to get moving. We recommend using the enlivening Kapha Body Polish to help increase your circulation. It is the ideal time to give your skin and body a spring clean!
  • For Detoxification – when you feel that you skin is looking sluggish and congested, you have a flare up of cystic acne (usually around the jawline and chin), maybe you have overindulged in too much sugary or oily food or alcohol, then it is time to give your skin a good detoxification. Using the Deep Cleanser at night followed by the Kapha Ayuressence with a hot compress will give your pores a thorough cleanse breaking down sebum and releasing stored toxins.
  • During Times of Lethargy and Depression – the uplifting, energising and vitalising properties of the Kapha Dosha range support you during the times when you’re feeling down and low in energy. Use the Kapha Tonic as an instant pick me up during the day, ideal for that late afternoon slump. You can also use The Kapha Body Anoint with a firm and vigorous self-massage to help you during those days where you need an energy boost.

These days the word ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ is used liberally and with abandon. The sad fact is there is a lack of regulation within the skincare and beauty industry. This means that manufacturers and skincare brands can state that their products are ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ or ‘made with organics’ without regulation or objective third party verification. Just because a manufacturer uses the word ‘organic’ does not guarantee to you that their product is actually organic.

A product that is ‘Certified Organic’ however, must comply with stringent regulation and guidelines by an external body – the organic certifier.

It is very important to always look for the genuine Certified Organic LOGO by a recognised and reputable certifier with standards that have strict criteria. As certification varies worldwide, it is important to check what the criteria are for each certifier.

Australia has one of the highest standards in the world. To be Certified Organic under Australian regulations means that the organic content of each product must be 95% or more from certified organic origin and the rest of the 5%, excluding water and non-agricultural ingredients such as minerals and salts, from natural sources.

Aika Wellness have achieved Organic Processor status with Australia’s leading certifier – Australian Certified Organic (ACO). This means our manufacturing facility ‘The Lighthouse’ and our ENTIRE range of products meets the strict standards of certification in Australia, one of the highest worldwide. You can verify this for yourself by visiting https://aco.net.au/ and typing in Aika Wellness under Operator Search.

We don’t believe in misleading you or just paying lip service to the words natural and organic for commercial benefit and label claims. We put significant time, effort and resources to obtain and maintain being truly Certified Organic so you have absolute assurance of Aika’s purity and quality.

Here is our Organic Certification:

We can prove organic certification for our entire supply chain. This means that every single raw ingredient we use (we have over a 100) needs to be traceable back to its source and verified individually for how each is grown, harvested, processed, stored and transported. It means that all our processes from receiving and storing raw ingredients, our formulas, how we manufacture our products, cleaning processes, water safety, environmental sustainability, packaging and how we deliver our product to market has been scrutinised by ACO and meets these high standards. This is our ongoing commitment to you that you will only and ever get the best of the best from Aika.

Regular audits are essential for our suppliers and includes inspection of farming land including soil and water testing for toxic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilisers to ensure growers and handlers are meeting these set standards. Aika also undergoes yearly audits on all our systems and processes which include inspection of our certified organic facility The Lighthouse, to ensure we adhere to the strict ACO standards. Regular testing is carried out on our products which guarantees that no chemical residue is present in our product. We want you to have absolute peace of mind as to what you put on your skin.

Using certified organic products ensures that we protect and promote a more sustainable environment for everyone. It ensures that animal welfare is maintained, there is no animal testing of raw ingredients or end products. It means that farming communities benefit from fair trade practices and child labour is not used. Since all our products are certified organic what goes down the drain won’t harm the environment. All our packaging has been assessed to be eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable. Kind to you, kind to our planet. We stand by the Sanskrit philosophy of Ahimsa – do no harm.

All products have a shelf life of two years when unopened. We recommend you use each product within six months of opening it. We make our products fresh each day in small batches much like preparing raw whole food. Aika is ‘skin food’ and like all nutritious organic food, fresh is best!

Aika products are extremely concentrated and offer incredible value. Most skincare products can contain up to 70% water. The rests of the ingredients are made up of fillers, emulsifiers and preservatives with the actives often being less than 10%. What you get with Aika is 100% active concentrated products that will last you up to 4 months if you use them as recommended. Please refer to the individual product information pages of the website for usage guidelines and tips.

We only use raw, pure and unprocessed certified organic ingredients provided by nature, without the addition of water, synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers and fillers. What you get is a 100% active concentrated product containing the full bio-energetic life force of the plant ingredients.

By adding water, warming, shaking and massaging the products you are activating and releasing the potency of the ingredients at the very moment you use them. This means you get the full benefit of the ingredients fresh each time without any nasties. We believe this moment of mindfulness where you interact lovingly with your products is another reason Aika a joy to use!

We recommend all Aika products be stored under 28C / 82F in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight. If you live or are travelling to a climate where the temperature exceeds this, then we suggest keeping your products in the fridge. While the consistency may change slightly, this won’t impact on the efficacy of your products.

Aika harnesses the benefits of therapeutic grade plant essences (essential oils) and herbs which is the only source of aroma you will find in our products. We do not use any synthetic ingredients including artificial fragrance.

Each batch is made with the freshest ingredients available. We do not modify our formulas or ingredients for homogeneity. These individual differences are due to variations unique to the plants that they come from. As each organic harvest is different from the previous (dependent on the rainfall, sunshine etc) like a fine wine our batches can vary from time to time. Each batch is as unique as you. As the French so wisely say ‘Viva L Difference’!

Certainly not! This is against our value of Ahimsa – Sanskrit for no harm. Because we are certified organic neither our ingredients or the final products are ever tested on animals and this is independently verified as such by our certifier – Australian Certified Organic (ACO). By choosing certified organic products you can be assured that no animal testing or child labour is used and fair trade for fair work is maintained.

Aike does not export to China as they have regulations that require all skincare products to be tested on
animals. Until those regulations are changed we will not export to China.

Aika is formulated to be suitable for the most delicate and sensitive skin. Our Pitta Dosha Range has been specifically created for sensitive, inflamed and irritable skin. It is soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory for the skin and calming for stress, anger and anxiety.

If you have a skin condition and want to know which Aika products would be best for you, please email us at hello@aikawellness.com with your inquiry and we will be happy to recommend products specific for your individual needs.

When you follow the instruction on our packaging and website regarding how to use each product, Aika is gentle enough to be used while pregnant and breastfeeding. As always, we suggest you consult your medical practitioner if you have any concerns.

In creating our artisanal products, we use over 100 certified organic plant ingredients and list each one as it appears on all our labels in descending order of concentration and on our website. We use essential oils, herbs, herbal extracts, hydrosols and seed and nut oils for their nourishing benefits. We do not use any peanut products or peanut oil in any of our formulations. Please check all ingredients listed in a product prior to use to reduce the chances of an aggravation.

Allergies come in many forms and we always recommend checking with your medical practitioner if you are unsure. We also recommend conducting a patch test before use if you are unsure.

Your health and safety is of the utmost importance to us. Please first seek the advice and help of your medical practitioner in the case of any reaction or allergy.

If you are not completely happy with your Aika product please contact us on hello@aikawellness.com for more information.

Please refer to our Shipping & Returns section here for full information on our Shipping and Returns policy.

We welcome your questions and suggestions on how we can improve your experience with Aika Wellness.
Please feel free to email us at hello@aikawellness.com for further information.

We welcome your questions and suggestions on how we can improve your experience with Aika Wellness. Please feel free to email us at hello@aikawellness.com for further information.