So many beauty brands these days are ‘natural’ and ‘chemical free’.
But we want more than that for you. We want you to experience soulful luxury
and absolute purity. We’re lighting the way for true wellness.

We tailor our products to the unique rhythms of your body
and the powerful universal energy around you.

Welcome to Aika.

Vata Dosha Range

Warming, nourishing, regenerating and grounding for your skin, body and emotions the Vata Dosha Range is ideal for dry, mature, lacklustre and devitalised skin.

Pitta Dosha Range

Cooling, calming, soothing and pacifying for your skin, body and emotions, the Pitta Dosha range is ideal for sensitive, reactive, irritated and reddened skin.

Kapha Dosha Range

Invigorating, detoxifying, enlivening and energising for you skin body and emotions, the Kapha Dosha Range is ideal for normal to oily, congested and blemish prone skin.

Tri Dosha Range

Tri Dosha products are mindfully created to be used by all Dosha types. They provide specialised care for your skin, delicate eye area, hands and hair.