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Almond – Almonds are rich in protein, Vitamins E, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants that fight skin damage and inflammation to reverse oxidative stress, all necessary for healthy and glowing skin. It helps with increasing circulation and keeping your skin hydrated and plump.

Aloe Vera – Refered to as Kumari which is Sanskrit for young girl or princess, Pitta pacifying, cooling and soothing Aloe has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for over 3000 years to clear psoriasis, acne, eczema and alleviate irritable skin conditions. Its place as a ‘Varyna’ skin enhancing herb draws from its ability to brighten skin, protect against sun damage and reduce pigmentation and dark spots. Modern research has found Aloe Vera to be rich in vitamin A, C and E, amino acids, minerals and polysaccharides particularly, the naturally occurring glucoside Gibberellin which gives Aloe its exceptional anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. Its ability to stimulate fibroblasts to product more collagen and prevent epithelial injury results in firm and youthful skin.

Amla – also known as Indian Gooseberry, Amla is a revered Ayurvedic Rasayana for longevity and a powerhouse of anti-oxidants, minerals, amino acids, polyphenols and flavanoids and is exceptionally high in Vitamin C. It is known as a rejuvenating fruit that boosts the immune system, slows down the ageing process, reduces inflammation, is anti-bacterial, wound healing and has been used for centuries for improving the radiance of skin.

Apricot Kernal– An ancient fruit indigenous to Armenia and the Himalayas the apricot is considered to promote longevity and health. The cold pressed unrefined oil of apricot kernel is an emollient full of essential fatty acids for deep dermal nourishment. It is a silky, lightweight oil that is quickly and deeply absorbed into the skin. It is rich in Vitamin A which helps repair the cellular structure of skin by building collagen and reduces pigmentation. It contains a large proportion of Vitamin C and E for powerful anti-oxidant support to assist neutralizing free radical damage.

Argan– our cold pressed, certified organic, unrefined, un-deodarisedArgan oil from Morocco is velvety soft and fast absorbed into the deepest layers of skin. It is high in anti-inflammatory constituents to calm the most sensitive and irritated skin, soothe eczema, psoriasis and reduces sebum levels in oily and problem skin types and heal acne. Rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamins A, E, squalene, carotenes, phytosterols, and phenolic anti-oxidants for powerful protection, repair and regeneration of skin at the cellular level.

Arjuna– Traditionally used for thousands of years as a heart tonic Arjuna is a blood circulator. It is a rich source of natural Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) also known as Ubiquinone which is essential for cellular functions, a powerful anti-oxidant for neutralizing free radical damage and increasing collagen and elastin production. Thestratum corneum naturally contains CoQ10, the levels of which decreasesrapidly after the age of 30. This powerful anti-oxidant when applied topically, prevents peroxidation of skin lipids, prevents the degeneration of collagen and elastin tissue and helps skin repair itself.

Ashwaghanda– One of the best Vata pacifiers and referred to as Indian Ginseng, Ashwaghanda in Sanskrit means ‘smell of a horse’ to imply that it empowers one with the strength and stamina of a stallion. It is a powerful Ayurvedicadaptogenic Rasayana (rejuvenating superfood) as it enlivens and energises the body and mind, while reducing anxiety and physiological and psychological stress. It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful cellular regenerator.

Avocado– Rich in essential fatty acids particularly oleic acid and chlorophyll, Avocado and is a deep penetrating oil that assists with transporting actives into the skin and help eliminate dryness and dehydration. Brimming with Vitamins A, C, D, E and K and skin loving lecithin it helps in increasing collagen and improves skin elasticity.


Babassu Butter – Cold pressed unrefined Brazilian Babassu butter quickly absorbs into the top layer of skin (stratum corneum) to lock in moisture and prevent trans-epidermal moisture loss. This results in an improved lipid barrier function of skin to make it smoother, softer and healthier. High in essential fatty acids, particularly Myristic and Lauric acid, which have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties for reducing the effects of acne and blemishes. Rich in anti-oxidant Vitamin E and phytosterols for supporting collagen and elastin from free radical damage and help stimulate new collagen which preventing premature ageing of the skin. Babassu is a non-comedogenic lightweight butter that is ideal for protecting and nourishing oilier and more reactive skin types.

Barley – A Kapha balancing grain Barley is mildly astringent and diuretic which helps keep skin cleansed, reduces puffiness and regulates the production of excess sebum. It is rich in selenium which helps maintain skin elasticity and gives skin a firm, toned and fresh appearance.

Brahmi–An ancient Rasayana Brahmi is a powerful nervine tonic that nourishes and boosts the nervous system to improve memory, learning and concentration. As a powerful adaptogen it helps the body and mind manage stressfulsituations and decrease anxiety. Brahmi plays a unique role in helping to cope with stress that can lead to the onslaught of premature ageing and skin conditions arising from a nervous imbalance such as fine lines, dark circles and dryness. As a wound healer and anti-oxidant it is anti-microbial against skin pathogens, fights free radicals to prevent oxidation and increases collagen formation for skin regeneration and repair.


Camelia – This feather light deep penetrating green tea oil is rich in essential fatty acids, emollients and is antioxidant rich and helps to protect the skin from free radical damage. Camellia seed oil is anti-inflammatory, cicatrisant (helps fade scars & spots on the skin)and astringent, making it perfect for combination, sensitive and problematic skin that needs soothing, scar reducing and hydration without blemishes.

Cardamom – Known as the ‘queen of spices’ cardamom is warming, sweet and pungent and is a natural skin cleanser promoting detoxification and circulation to give the skin a natural glow. It is anti-bacterial, stimulates digestion and is an excellent anti-oxidant. It alleviates fatigue and helps the mind from over thinking to bring about a state of clarity.

Castile Soap
A truly natural luxuriant, extra mild and gentle liquid soap made from saponification of certified organic plant oils.

Cedarwood – An ancient wood, cedar encourages the release of serotonin which helps relieve tension and stress. It’s grounding and soothing aroma helps focus the mind while it’s slightly astringent qualities are beneficial for the skin helping to keep it firmed and toned.

Chamomile German – a deep violet blue hue German Chamomile is rich in Chamazulene and has powerful anti-inflammatory constituents to heal and repair skin. It helps reduce sensitivity, redness, strengthens capillaries and heals and repairs skin at the cellular level. A natural anti-depressant it calms the mind and body and relieves the symptoms of tension and headache.

Chia CO2 Oil – our supercritical Chia extract isextremely high in phenolic anti-oxidants as well as Vitamins A, D, E and K and a rich source of essential fatty acid particularly collagen building Omega 3. It is a light and fast penetrating oil that is extremely hydrating, reduces trans-epidermal water loss and enhances the barrier function of skin. A powerful healer it soothes irritable skin conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. Chia is truly a superfood for the skin.

Clove – Aromatic clove is rich in eugenol which gives it anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s potent anti-microbial properties helps reduce acne, breakouts and blemishes and heal skin.

Cacao Butter – We only use the finest quality raw, certified organic virgin, non-roasted, unrefined, and non-deodorised Cacao with a deliciously nutty golden colour and rich chocolaty aroma. This minimal processing ensures that the cacao butter retains all the essential nutrients making it a true superfood powerhouse packed full of essential fatty acids, polyphenol anti-oxidants and vitamins. It has extremely beneficial effects on the skin and improves skin health by increasing collagen retention and production, improves skin tone, skin elasticity and hydration for preventing premature ageing. It has amazing emollient properties that enrich dry skin, promoting softness, suppleness, reducing scarring and helping to keep skin oxygenated, firm and protect it from the environment by preventing epidermal water loss.

Coconut – Called the ‘Tree of Life’ as the whole plant can be used, the cooling, moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties of coconut balances Pitta Dosha. Rich in vitamins and minerals it supports tissue healing and repair and alleviates the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and reduces heat in the skin and body. The presence of Lauric acid gives coconut its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which helps heal and supports the barrier function of skin.


Dandelion – Named after the leaves resemblance to lion’s teeth ‘dent de lion’, dandelion is a bitter green rich in Taraxacin, and considered in Ayurveda to be a blood and liver cleansing herb that pacifies Kapha and Pitta. Rich in minerals particularly Potassium, its diuretic properties help eliminate metabolic waste and reduce acid and toxin build up to reduce skin blemishes, acne and eruptions. Dandelion is a rich source of Vitamin A, K, anti-oxidant Vitamin C, and the B group, all important in maintaining healthy tissue and skin.



Fenugreek CO2 – this supercritical extract of Fenugreek is rich in Vitamins A, B, C and K for brightening, lightening and healing the skin and preventing collagen breakdown. Fenugreek contains powerful anti-inflammatory and mucilage constituents to fight inflammation, puffiness and sensitivity while softening and moisturising. Traditionally used in Ayurveda for its metabolising and digestive benefits it promotes circulation and blood purity which helps oxygenate the skin.

Frankincense – we use the exquisitely rich and historically sacred ‘Serrata’ variety of Frankincense also known as Olibanum or Indian Frankincense. It has a venerated position in Ayurveda, particularly for its benefits as a powerful anti-inflammatory and used to treat rheumatoid and arthritic conditions. It is a powerful cellular regenerator that restores elasticity and reduces the signs of premature ageing on skin helping it to look smooth and toned. It has been long valued as a spiritual aid in prayer and meditation and has an anti-depressive and soothing effect on the mind.


Geranium –Cooling, uplifting rose scented Geranium has an extremely rejuvenating and circulatory effect on the skin as it improves cutaneous blood flow, improves elasticity and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A gentle astringent, it is firming and toning on skin and helps balance oil which is beneficial for all skin types. It’s powerful anti-inflammatory nature means it soothes skin irritations and blemishes. As a natural diuretic, it helps with eliminating toxins from the body. It is calming and grounding on the emotions and is known as a woman’s oil helping to regulate the monthly cycle.

Geranium Hydrosol – Hydrating and revitalising Geranium Hydrosol has a gentle rosy aroma that has an uplifting and balancing effect on the emotions and helps dispel fatigue. It contains the hydrophilic constituents of Geranium. As a skin tonic it promotes cellular regeneration for brightness and smoothness.

German Chamomile– a deep violet blue hue German Chamomile is rich in Chamazulene and has powerful anti-inflammatory constituents to heal and repair skin. It helps reduce sensitivity, redness, strengthens capillaries and heals and repairs skin at the cellular level. A natural anti-depressant it calms the mind and body and relieves the symptoms of tension and headache.

Ghee – rich creamy certified organic Ghee has been used for centuries internally as a rich source of nutrients that nourishes all the tissues of the body and promotes longevity. Ghee is routinely used in Ayurveda externally to cool, soothe, moisturise and rejuvenate both the eyes themselves and the tissues that surround them.It is a rich source of Vitamin A, D, E and K, phenolic anti-oxidants and minerals and softens, protects and strengthens skin while diminishing wrinkles, and smoothing out the skin.

Gotu Kola – a powerful Rasayana, adaptogenic, nervine and circulatory promoting CentellaAsiatica, commonly called by its Sri Lankan name gotu kola, and known as the ‘promoter of longevity’ has been a centrepiece of Ayurvedic medicine for millenia. It is rich in amino acids, beta carotene, essential fatty acids, and anti-oxidants and is a renowned skin, body and mind rejuvenator. It is a rich source of pentacyclic triterpenoids that function to proliferate collagen production, improve elasticity, increase the strength of newly forms skin cells and prevents scar tissue formation. Its anti-inflammatory properties promote wound healing and healthy capillaries and veins. Known in Ayurvedic medicine as a sattvic brain tonic (interestingly the leaf resembles the cerebellum), it promotes cerebral circulation and supports the nervous system for concentration, memory and focus, while reducing anxiety and nervousness. Truly an exceptional Ayurvedic superfood!

Grapefruit – With an uplifting aroma with bright citrus notes Grapefruit is a natural anti-depressive and stress relieving plant essence that increases mental focus and clarity. Its anti-bacterial properties help fight the bacteria that causes acne while reducing excess oil in the skin. As aa diuretic and powerful lymph mover grapefruit helps reduce the effects of fluid retention, cellulite and puffiness.


Hazelnut – with a pleasing nutty aroma Hazelnut is a light and quickly absorbed oil. It is mildly astringent, anti-bacterial and helps tighten pores and regulate the secretion of sebum to balance oil production without dehydrating skin. High in nutritious essential fatty acids, Vitamins B, C, Eand minerals folate, zinc, and potassium all of which are necessary for healthy skin functioning, elasticity and firmness.

Hemp Seed Oil – with an essential fatty acid profile that closely resembles skin lipids our cold pressed unrefined certified organic Hemp Seed oil is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9. It is packed full of anti-oxidants and vitamin E to fight free radical damage, contains all 21 amino acids needed, and is rich source of phospholipids, phytosterols and minerals. Hemp seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties with a zero comedogenic rating and will not block pores. It soothes dermatitis and irritation, combats acne and blemishes while hydrating and repairing skin’s barrier function. All of which make it ideal for sensitive, combination, oily and blemish prone skin.

Himalayan Crystal Salt – mined sustainably from deep in the Himalayan mountains and untouched by environmental pollution these salts have been used in Ayurvedic medicinal preparations for centuries. They provide 84 essential minerals that are bio-identical to that in human body. They have a regulating effect on the body’s electrolyte balance. A powerful detoxifier, they assist the body in eliminating stored toxins.

Hibiscus – high in mucilage for anti-inflammatory skin moisturising and softening while natural alpha hydroxyl acids assist in gentle skin renewal, Hibiscus imparts a brighter and lighter skin tone and reduced pigmentation. Rich in anti-oxidants particularly Anthocyanocides, Gentisic Acid and Ogliopeptides for fighting collagen destructing free radicals and inhibiting elastin breakdown it ensures skin stays firm and plump.



Jasmine – intoxicating, aphrodisiac and most potent during the night jasmine is rightly called Queen of the Night. It is Kapha and Pitta pacifying and has been used in Ayurveda for it balancing effect on the nervous system,anti-depressiveaction on the mind and as a sleep inducing sedative. On the skin, it is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, slightly astringent and a cicatrisant which helps form scar tissue, regenerate cells, and shed rough and dead skin cells.



Lavender – Our high-altitude French Lavender from Provence has a beautiful gentle floral aroma. It has powerful anti-oxidants, antimicrobial and wound healing properties which helps repair and promote new cell growth and skin health. A known mood enhancer Lavender assists in reducing anxiety, headaches and mental stress to create a feeling of wellbeing.

Lemon – Lemon is a Vata pacifier, high in vitamin C, limonene and natural cellular renewing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) for increased brightness and hydration. It has been used in Ayurveda for centuries for its cleansing and stimulating effect on the lymph system, and in improving skin texture for a smooth and even complexion.

Lemongrass – used in Ayurveda to reduce heat and fever, Lemongrass has an uplifting and energising effect on the mind. It has anti-bacterial, anti-septic and astringent properties and helps balance oil production. It is an excellent anti-depressant and sedative and helps alleviate fatigue and tension. As a muscle relaxant it helps ease aches and spasms.

Liquorice – Known as Yashtimadhu in Sanskrit, sweet tasting Liquorice has a very important role in Ayurveda as a Pitta pacifier. Containing Glycyrrhizin, which is 50 times stronger than sucrose and mimics the effects of cortisol, it has powerful anti-inflammatory actions on the skin and body. Glycyrrhizin also inhibits the activity of the enzyme Tyrosinase, which is a root cause of pigmentation and prevents future hyper-pigmentation from occurring. Clinical studies have shown Liquorice to be a natural skin lightning agent and effective alternative to synthetic hydroquinone (which has been banned in the EU). Liquorice also contains phytoestrogens namely Glabridin which encourages skin to create collagen and hyaluronic acid which aid in reducing the depth of wrinkles and firming the skin. Rich also in Linquiritin it has also has been shown to reduce pigmentation resulting from melasma. Liquorice is a great example of the multiple benefits of using the whole plant as is traditionally done in Ayurveda.

Lime – Fresh and tangy Lime is circulation boosting, anti-bacterial, purifying and detoxifying on the skin and body.Lime is high in anti-oxidant flavonoids, Vitamin C and natural alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) that assists with cellular turnover and regeneration. It has an astringent and toning effect on the skin and help clear excess oil and sebum for a clear complexion. It assists with mental clarity and promotes a feeling of positivity and light-heartedness to dispel tiredness and lethargy.

Lime Hydrosol – Uplifting, energising and refreshing Lime Hydrosol has a lovely fresh aroma. High in naturally occurring Vitamin C and anti-bacterial constituents it contains the hydrophilic (water soluble) constituents of Lime and has an astringent and cleansing nature on skin which balances oiliness, keeps blackheads at bay, while firming and toning.


Macadamia Oil – rich in phytochemical compounds such as tocopherols, squalene and vitamins A and E, which protect against free radical damage, Macadamia is highly nutritious for the skin. It contains the perfect balance of essential fatty acids as found in skin, particularly Omega 7 Palmitoleic Acidandanti-inflammatory Omega 9 Oleic acid which decrease as we age. It penetrates deeply to moisturise, improve skin’s barrier function and promote scar healing and cellular regeneration, decreasing the effects of fine lines and wrinkles and preventing premature ageing of skin.

Mango Butter – Known as a ‘Varyna’ or skin beautifying, lightening and brightening Rasayana in Ayurveda, mango is rich in Vitamins A, C and E, and anti-oxidant polyphenols particularly the powerful Mangiferin and offers protection against free radicals and oxidation. Brimming with essential fatty acids, mango butter has wound healing, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, sun protective and emollient properties and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting a firm and revitalised appearance. Suitable for sensitive and blemish prone skin it helps calm irritation, eczema, dermatitis and helps soothe skin while helping strengthen your skin’s barrier function.

Manjistha – Ruby red Manjistha is considered one of the best tonics for skin and described in Ayurveda as a complexion enhancing ‘Varnya’ herb. It is a powerful lymph mover and blood purifier and strengthens the circulatory system and immune system while calming aggravated Pitta conditions such as pigmentation, acne and breakouts. It is a potent skin Rasayana(rejuvenating superfood), high in anti-oxidants, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory compounds which work to rejuvenate and revitalise skin for a radiant glow.

Marshmallow – Demulcent and flavonoid rich Marshmallow is soothing, cooling and healing to the skin, helping to reduce inflammation, redness and irritation. It is deeply moisturising and hydrating and keeps skin soft and smooth.


Neem -Known as the ‘Village Phamacy’ Neem is one of the most versatile Ayurvedic herbs and it’s cool, light and bitter qualities make it a wonderful Pitta pacifier. It has soothing, anti-inflammatory, lubricating and calming properties for the skin. Its antibacterial action has been used for centuries on skin problems such as acne, rashes and hyper-pigmentation. It has a purifying action on the body helping to get rid of metabolic waste.

Neroli – Also known as orange blossom, the euphotic and sweet aroma of Neroli is a mood lifter that calms the heart and mind and reduces chronic anxiety, grief and stress and promotes a deep and restful sleep. It is a dermal rejuvenator and helps regenerate skin at a cellular level to increase elasticity and strengthen the capillariesto reduce scarring, dilated capillaries and wrinkles.

Niaouli – Anti-septic, respiratory strengthening and deep cleansing yet gentle Niaouli has a sweet, herbaceous and balsamic aroma. It clears excess oil and reduces acne and blemishes for a smooth and bright complexion. On the body, it is helps clear respiratory congestion and keep the sinuses unblocked. It has an uplifting and energising effect on the emotions and mind and helps dispel lethargy.

Nutmeg – a Vata pacifier Nutmeg has a sedative action on the nervous system with anti-depressive effects due to the presence of myristicin. It has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties that help both heal and cleanse skin.


Sweet Orange – Sweet Orange is high in vitamins, beta carotenes and bioflavonoids all powerful anti-oxidants and natural cellular renewing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) for improving skin texture and hydration. Its uplifting and joyful qualities supports the emotional system as an overall mood enhancer and relaxant.


Palmarosa – with an uplifting rosy lemon aroma Palmarosa is known as ‘Indian Geranium’. It is a powerful cellular regenerator which stimulates and assists new skin cells to form. As it regulates moisture and oil production it benefits all skin types, particularly Pitta which often is a combination type skin. In Ayurveda it’s cooling and moistening nature makes it particularly suited to Pitta pacifying. Energetically Palmarosa helps release negative emotions and has both calming and uplifting effects which makes it a great mood regulator.

Passionflower – A nervine herb Passionflower has a relaxing and calming effect on the nervous system and mind. It is grounding and helps to reduce anxiety and mental stress and the effects of insomnia. Rich in vitamins A and C it has a regenerative, soothing and healing effect on the skin.

Patchouli – Derived from the Tamil word ‘Paccilai’ meaning ‘green leaf’, Patchouli has a deep, spicy, earthy aroma and has been used for centuries in Ayurveda for its warming and moistening properties which benefits both Vata and Pitta. It is extremely healing and rejuvenating on the skin and promotes tissue repair and firmness. It reduces pigmentation, scarring and inflammation and helps alleviate Pitta related conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. On the emotions and mind Patchouli has an anti-depressive and calming effect that alleviates anger and heightened emotions.

Peppermint – Containing natural menthol, Peppermint is a natural stimulant and its uplifting qualities help dispel lethargy and depression. Containing anti-oxidants and vitamins to fight inflammation, it helps to firm and tone the skin and reduce the appearance of pores.

Petitgrain – With a green, fresh and woody aroma, Petitgrain is a cleansing essence that regulates sebum production and keeps acne, blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes at bay. It helps tone skin and reduce the appearance of pores. A natural stress reliever its anti-drepressive properties balances the emotions, soothes and uplifts the mind and relaxes the body.

Pomegranate – Prized in Ayurveda as a power fruit for its sweet, astringent, bitter, sour and light qualities and edible leaves, flowers, bark, peel and seeds it is a tridoshic fruit that balances all doshas. It is mentioned in the ancient Vedas as a divine fruit and symbol of fertility and prosperity. Rich in iron, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and specifically Punicic acid known for its UV protective and free radical scavenging properties that assists with repairing sun damaged and aging skin. It promotes skin’s self-repair system by stimulating the collagen and elastin producing fibroblasts which enables skin to maintain elasticity for a healthy plump look and minimises the formation of wrinkles.

Pumpkin Seed Oil – A light and silken textured oil that quickly sinks in to skin and is packed full of phyto-nutrients, Pumpkin Seed oil is perfect for oilier skin types. Brimming with phyto-sterols, amino acids and anti-oxidant Vitamin E for fighting free radicals. Rich in Vitamin A which promotes skin regeneration, cellular turnover and collagen production, Vitamin C brightens and lightens the skin and Vitamin K for wound healing and repairing. The minerals Selenium and Zinc control oiliness and blemishes, while low comedogenic essential fatty acids are emollient, moisturising and promotes a fresh and firm appearance.



Rose Otto – The essence of the queen of flowers and historically known as Attar of Rose, intoxicatingly rich and deep certified organic Rose Otto has been used for thousands of years for its effect on the skin, body, mind and spirit. It has a special place in Ayurveda for its role in calming the subdosha of Pitta called Sadhaka Pitta, which governs the emotions and the heart, earning its place as the flower of love. It also balances the subdosha of Vata called Prana Vata which sits in the heart chakra and rules the mind and perception, to alleviate anxiety and depression, making Rose a bridge between the heart and mind. On the skin it is cooling, slightly astringent and its anti-microbial action helps alleviate acne and blemishes. It is anti-inflammatory and strengthens the capillaries preventing couperose skin, red veins and sensitivity. It is a strong rejuvenator and assists skin to stay bright, firm and radiant.

Rose Hydrosol – Rose Water’s gentle soothing and cooling effects has been used in Ayurveda for centuries. Its slightly astringent nature helps firm and tone while its anti-inflammatory properties help reduces heat in the skin, encourages cellular regeneration and promotes smoothness and radiance. It has a gentle and calming effect on the nervous system.

Rose Petals – Whole feather soft petals which are soothing, cooling and reduces heat in the skin, encourages cellular regeneration and promotes smoothness and radiance. It has a gentle and calming effect on the nervous system.

Rosehip – Our cold pressed, unrefined Rosehip oil is full of essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins for boosting skin health. A natural a cicatrisant (helps fade scars & spots on the skin) it is particularly high in Trans-Retinoic Acid (Vitamin A acid) and Vitamin C to combat premature ageing, sun damage, pigmentation, dark spots and scaring and stimulate collagen production for even skin tone, elasticity and brightness.

Rosewood – Imparting feelings of peace and security Rosewood promotes emotional stability and compassion. On the skin its tissue regenerating properties promote cellular rejuvenation and repair which helps to increase vitality and smoothness. Our certified organic rosewood oil from Brazil is sustainably harvested from certified organic farming.


Sacred Lotus – a sacred plant symbolic of spiritual evolution the Sacred Lotus is picked in early hours of the morning while it is still dark and when its potency is at the highest point. Known as a Varnya (completion glow enhancer) in Ayurveda, it is rich in flavonoids, phytosterols, anti-oxidants, minerals, Vitamins A, B and C. These give it powerful anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenating properties that prevent premature ageing and induce skin radiance. Its calming, sedative and anti-depressive properties induce a deep sense of wellbeing and promote rest and sleep.

Saffron – more expensive in weight than gold, Saffron is the world’s most revered and expensive spice and known as a VarnyaRasayana (completion glow enhancer) in Ayurveda and balances all three doshas. It has a powerhouse of benefits including being a liver tonic, blood purifier, circulatory agent, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and packed with free radical fighting anti-oxidants. A powerful nervine and anti-depressant it helps soothe the nervous system and increase mental alertness and memory.

Sandalwood – Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, cooling and calming effect on the skin,body and mind, Sandalwood is also known as Chandana and considered a sacred wood in the Vedic tradition. It is a skin rejuvenator that encourages new cell growth, increases hydration and alleviates itchiness, irritation and redness in the skin. It has a sedative effect on the nervous system and calms anxiety, stress and relieves insomnia. We use sustainably harvested Sandalwood.

Seabuckthorn CO2 Oil – Our super-critical CO2 extract is an extraordinarily bioactive oil that is high in omega 3, 6, 9 and contains the richest source of Omega 7 to nourish the lipid layers of the skin. The oil is also potent in antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, carotenoids, flavonoids, phyosterols and lycopenes that regenerates cells, protects against cell water loss and combats wrinkles and premature ageing of skin. It is a rich source of vitamins A, B, C, E, K and P for stimulating collagen production, combats wrinkles and dryness and protects against the effects of premature aging and pollution. A truly exceptional skin superfood.

Sesame Oil – esteemed in Ayurveda for its nourishing, warming and calming properties, Sesame oil balances Vatadosha. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, anti-oxidants particularly Sesamoland minerals it penetrates quickly and provides nourishment to the skin and tissues. It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and emollient properties that repair the barrier function of skin.

Shatavari – also known as Indian Asparagus and has been used as a Rasayanafor women to promote a healthy reproductive system and balance the hormones. Shatavari is a powerful adaptogen as it nourishes the nervous system and helps calm and soothe the emotions when under pressure.

Sweet Orange – Sweet Orange is high in vitamins, beta carotenes and bioflavonoids all powerful anti-oxidants and natural cellular renewing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) for improving skin texture and hydration. Its uplifting and joyful qualities supports the emotional system as an overall mood enhancer and relaxant.


Tamanu – Cold processed, unrefined, rich green Tamanuis a powerful skin regenerator and cicatrisant (helps fade scars & spots on the skin).Tamanu oil one of the most effective agents in promoting the formation of new tissue, accelerating wound healing and promoting the growth of healthy skin. It contains 3 essential fatty acids including phospholipids and powerful anti-inflammatory agents including coumarins and calophyllolide. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, has sun protective agents and penetrates instantly and deeply into skin. It is extremely effective in treating acne, scarring, dermatitis, psoriasis and pigmentation and age spots.

Triphala – Translated as ‘three fruits’ Triphala is composed of amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki and is a powerful Rasayana (rejuvenating superfood). It is a favourite daily Ayurvedic supplement for balancing all the Dosha’s, containing five of the six tastes (rasas). It is unique in that it simultaneously cleanses and detoxifies while simultaneously supporting the body through the detoxification and rejuvenating the tissues. As a detoxifier, it increases micro-circulation and helps flush out toxins from the deepest layers of tissue. Highly nutritious, Triphala is loaded with anti-oxidants to scavenge free radicals, and support elastin and collagen production in the skin.

Tulsi – Also known as Holy Basil, Tulsi is a Kapha pacifier being warming, pungent and bitter and a rich source of flavonoids and anti-oxidants. A powerful detoxifier and anti-bacterial it helps protect cells from premature ageing. It has uplifting, energising and anti-depressant qualities that have been revered for centuries as promoting purity and lightness in body, mind and spirit which has earned it a revered position in Ayurveda.

Turmeric – Turmeric is warming, blood purifying and rich in curcumin which has powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Traditionally used in Ayurveda for its deep cleansing action on the skin and body as well as for its healing and cellular repairing function.


Vanilla – Vanilla is anti-inflammatory and high in anti-oxidants and B vitamins including niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and B6, all important for skin nutrition. It is a natural mood enhancer and it’s warming aroma has a calming and sedative effect on the mind.




YlangYlang – known as the ‘flower of flowers’ the intensely floral and exotic plant essence YlangYlang is a nervine, anti-depressive, sedative and hypotensive that relaxes mind, promotes sleep, alleviates anxiety and uplifts the mood inducing feeling of joy. Rich in anti-oxidants to prevent oxidative damage, it also regulates the production of sebum on the skin and its anti-inflammatory and anti-septic qualities heal and minimise the occurrence of breakouts, acne and pimples.