The Best Winter Skincare Routine to Combat Dry Skin

While the cooler months bring with them some much-needed relief from the sweaty summer days, winter presents its own challenges for the skin.

From cracked lips to blotchy, itchy dry skin across the face and body, it can be a challenge to keep the dreaded ‘winter skin’ at bay.

Before the mercury drops even further, now is the time to switch up your routine and find the perfect dry skin products for your winter skincare routine.

Choosing the proper winter skincare routine is crucial to soothe dry skin and safeguard your skin’s natural barriers against weather, irritants and pollutants. Here at Aika, we’ve formulated 100% certified organic dry skin remedies inspired by Ayurveda to naturally alleviate irritated, dry skin and flaky skin.

Our Vata range is inspired by the Ayurvedic ‘Vata’ dosha and is tailored to normal and dry skin, making for the ideal winter skincare routine.

With all-natural ingredients such as vitamin-rich plant oils, extracts and essences, herbal infusions, and organic AHA’s, this organic and vegan skincare range vitalises and repairs dry skin while promoting elasticity, suppleness and brightness for radiance all winter-long.

Morning Winter Skincare Routine


Vata Pure PolishVata Pure Polish - Aika Wellness-Australia

If you’ve got flaky skin, our beautifully balanced Vata Pure Polish is a must for your winter skincare routine.

This rejuvenating 2 in 1 dry skin exfoliator enhances your skin’s natural detoxification process and delivers instant skin moisture, nourishment and smoothness, so you can skip dry skin and go straight to soft, glowing skin for the day ahead.

Vata Tonic

Love a dewy, fresh complexion? Start your morning the right way with our Vata Tonic. This is a high-performing 2 in 1 dry skin toner and firming mist enriched with a re-mineralising complex of 84 essential minerals, perfect for use as a skin primer, setting spray or a refreshing spritz.

Packed with plant hydrosols and fresh whole-plant extracts, the Vata Tonic dramatically increases skin hydration, boosts circulation, plumps fine lines and quickly banishes skin dryness.

Vata Face Balm

Chapped skin are common complaints in winter, which is why Aika has developed a completely natural dry skin treatment, the Vata Face Balm. 

This dry skin cream is perfect for rubbing into itchy, cracked hands, knuckles, knees and elbows for instant relief. Looking for something to help with chapped lips? Our lightweight eye balm is ideal.

Evening Winter Skincare Routine


Vata Deep Cleanser

In winter, don’t over-cleanse. Before bed, opt for warm, not hot water and gently wash your skin with a natural cleanser designed for dry skin, such as our Vata Deep Cleanser.

This dry skin cleanser is a richly emollient 2 in 1 cleansing balm and makeup remover formulated with golden clay to dissolve makeup, environmental pollution and impurities while maintaining the skin’s moisture balance for a soft, plump and healthy glow.

Vata Face Elixir

Need a little extra hydration for your winter skincare routine? Our immensely hydrating and repairing Vata Face Elixir is a dry skin oil that provides a divinely nourishing boost of moisture to the skin.

This opulent, silky dry skin serum replenishes dry skin with luscious natural oils, plant essences and active extracts that boost cellular repair and rebuild collagen to restore firm, bright and incredibly soft skin.


Vata Ayuressence

Looking to get that summer glow with your winter skincare routine? Defeat devitalised and dehydrated skin at the end of the day with the Vata Ayuressence.

The Vata Ayuressence brightens and firms while working to refine texture and smooth the skin’s surface for luxurious hydration and radiance all year round.

This miracle essence contains a synergy of natural oils and essences to accelerate collagen and elastin repair for increased elasticity and tone while gently resurfacing and increasing cellular turnover to combat flaky skin.


Winter Skincare Routine for the Body


Vata Body Polish

Show your body some winter-time self-care and scrub away stress with the Vata Body Polish. This exfoliating body polish for dry skin also doubles as a bath salt.

It is brimming with Ayurvedic herbal extracts and aromatic essences to relieve fatigue and soften dry skin for ultimate luxury and recovery.

Vata Body Anoint Oil

Moisturising is an essential step of any winter skincare routine, and it shouldn’t be limited to your face.

If you’ve got dry skin or itchy, flaky skin on your arms, legs, hands and feet, our Vata Body Anoint Oil serves as a deeply nourishing dry skin treatment and moisturiser for dry skin. This loving body oil is packed with antioxidant-rich oils and infused with rejuvenating extracts to help relax and soothe dry skin all over your body.

Not sure which one will suit your winter skincare routine best? Purchase our Vata Dosha Discovery Kit today and try them all!